Beirut Al Yawm on MTV with Dany Haddad

The owner of the Third Lebanese Republic initiative, Omar Harfouche, was a guest on the “Beirut Today” program with the journalist Dany Haddad, where the discussion dealt with various issues on the local political scene.
Harfush commented on the signing of the border demarcation agreement with Israel, saying: “We achieved economic peace with Israel and we share the Karish field,” considering that the resistance is an important part of the Lebanese entity and calling for building a new Lebanese regime.
Regarding his recent visit to Washington, where he met senior American political figures, Harfush said: “I met American officials in Washington and the sanctions against the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, are moody.”
Returning to local developments, Harfush saw that there is no deputy sheriff, stressing that his project is to change the regime. As for the impeded presidential election, he indicated that the Maronites prevent the election of a president for the republic, and no one is fit to be president from among the existing figures.
In conclusion, the author of the Third Republic initiative stressed the need to impose sanctions on the warlords in Lebanon.
The surprise was his announcement that a conference of the Third Republic would be held on March 8 in the Italian parliament.