The Third Lebanese Republic Between Lebanon & USA

The owner of the Third Lebanese Republic initiative, Omar Harfoush, held a joint press conference with the official of the African International Fund, Carole Brown, after her visit to a number of Lebanese regions, the most important of which is Tripoli.
At the conference, Harfush stressed that the political system in Lebanon had reached a dead end and indicated that nothing is impossible despite the existence of this ruling political class and the difficulties to achieve the principles of the Third Republic, stressing that his project is in continuous progress, and if the next system does not bear the title of the Third Lebanese Republic, then it will not. A problem, but the important thing is to change the current regime that led to the destruction of Lebanon. Referring to the importance of separating religion from the state and separating the judiciary from politics.
The meeting dealt with various issues in the arena, especially human rights, as it shed light on the inequality between children in terms of the right to education. He also talked about the freedom of journalists, describing their mission as sacred. In the context, Harfoush said: “I reject and condemn the threats against journalists, and they should also not be disturbed when we resort to the judiciary to preserve our rights sometimes, and the judiciary is the best way to resolve this type of dispute.” He also called for giving women the right to custody and giving their nationality to their children.
He stressed that Lebanon is not a bankrupt country, and if the current potentials are invested, they can be quickly benefited from, if this is done without corruption.
Regarding the presidential file, Harfush stressed that everything that was reported locally about the five-party meeting in Paris is incorrect, and no candidate’s name was put forward, stressing that the solution comes from within, not from outside.
And on the line of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, threatening the United States of America in his recent speech, Harfush said: “Nasrallah recognized Israel by signing the border demarcation agreement, and the reason for his recent attack on the United States is that it exposed the party’s money-laundering method and imposed sanctions on individuals working to launder money.” “.
For her part, Brown stressed that Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries she visited.
Brown also stressed the importance of fighting racism and defending rights, stressing that US President Joe Biden cares about people in the first place, which Harfush also likens to him. She also reiterated that the United States of America does not want to harm Lebanon in any way.