Patriarch Al-Rahi and Omar Harfush

The "Third Republic" between Patriarch Al-Rahi and Omar HarfushThis is the heading

Omar Harfoush, the owner of the Third Lebanese Republic Initiative, met this afternoon with Maronite Patriarch Beshara Al-Rai in Bkerke. In the details, Harfush presented the "Third Republic" project to Al-Rahi, which the Patriarch received with great satisfaction and interest. Al-Rahi also expressed his approval of introducing compulsory civil marriage, and stressed that there are no red lines for anyone who is accused of corruption. And while the Patriarch praised the activity of the founder of the Third Republic initiative, stressing that the next stage will witness more meetings, Harfush pointed out the importance of establishing a civil state, which was also confirmed by Al-Rahi, pointing out that Lebanon is a civil state according to the constitution, but the implementation is wrong. (Source: lebanondebate)